How is my information shared with recipient charities?

Nonprofits often want to thank you for the recommended grant and engage with you to further support their mission. We encourage donors to provide their name and address to nonprofits with each grant they recommend.

Each time you recommend a grant, you will be automatically defaulted to this full acknowledgement option; however, you may also choose to grant partially anonymously or fully anonymously. The option you choose, subject to Fidelity Charitable Trustee approval, will be sent with the grant via check or electronic funds transfer.

See below for an example of each acknowledgement option:
Full acknowledgement - includes name, address, and Giving Account name (see example)
Partial acknowledgement - Giving Account name only (see example)
Anonymous - no donor or Giving Account information provided (see example)

While the account default is full acknowledgement, all three acknowledgement options are generally available to choose from at the time of recommendation for each grant. You can call us to elect another acknowledgement option as the default.