Firm Enrollment

What is required to enroll?

Before a Giving Account may be enrolled in the CIAP program, you'll need to:

  1. Complete the Investment Advisor Firm Agreement which ensures your firm agrees to comply with the Charitable Investment Advisor Program Investment Policies and Guidelines
  2. Provide a copy of your Firm's Errors & Omissions Insurance Certificate
  3. Complete the Charitable Investment Advisor Program Application
  4. Register for GivingCentral, the Fidelity Charitable advisor platform that connects you to your clients’ giving online. If your firm uses Fidelity Investments as a custodian, registration is not necessary. Simply click on Fidelity Charitable from within Wealthscape.

If you have any questions about the process outlined above, please contact FCFundraisingAssociates@fmr.com.

How is GivingCentral integrated with Fidelity Wealthscape?

  • Advisors using Wealthscape will have single sign-on links to GivingCentral on the Service and Account menus of Wealthscape. When these links are selected, the advisor will be taken to GivingCentral without having to provide their username or password again.
  • If an advisor selects the Service menu link, they will be taken to an aggregate list of their clients’ Giving Accounts in GivingCentral. By selecting a Giving Account Name, they will be taken directly into that specific Giving Account.

Note: In order to see these single sign-on links in Wealthscape, the Firm Administrator for an advisor's firm must provide the necessary Fidelity Charitable entitlements. Please contact FCFundraisingAssociates@fmr.com for instructions.

Can I manage employee access privileges at my firm?

Firms that use Wealthscape and have already submitted their G Number on the Giving Account Access Form or the Charitable Investment Advisor Program Application can manage access at your firm similar to any other client account by using the User ID Maintenance Tool.