Nonprofit Organizations

Working with Donors

What makes Fidelity Charitable donors different?1

Our donors are actively philanthropic. Our assets turn over every four years,2 reflecting our donors' commitment to supporting the causes they care about.

Our donors are financially educated about the tax benefits they gain. More than 50% contribute appreciated securities to offset capital gains, understanding that these transactions are cumbersome for many nonprofits to handle.

Fidelity Charitable enhances donor generosity. Two-thirds of our donors have stated that their charitable giving has increased as a result of Fidelity Charitable.

How can you welcome donors with donor-advised funds?

Our donors want to give. As you develop your solicitation materials, you can make it easy for donor-advised fund account holders to give.

View an example (PDF) of a solicitation that acknowledges donor-advised funds

  • Ask if they would like to recommend a grant from their donor-advised fund. You don't know who has one unless you ask, and recognizing they may have a donor-advised fund may bring in more support from these vehicles.
  • Provide an additional box that says "I intend to recommend this amount from my donor-advised fund," which makes it easy for them support your organization in a way that works for them and for the sponsoring charity of their donor- advised fund.
  • Let your donors know when only a portion of their donation is tax deductible, so donors know when it's appropriate to recommend a grant from a donor-advised fund, since grants from donor-advised funds to public charities must be 100% tax deductible.
  • Acknowledge donors by name or by the name of their donor-advised fund as provided in the letter from the sponsoring charity that accompanies the grant check.

Add the DAF Direct widget to your website.

Free and easy to install, the DAF Direct widget enables your donors to recommend grants from their donor-advised fund (DAF) directly from your website. Learn more.

How can you present your organization to Fidelity Charitable donors?

Fidelity Charitable Account Holders use the internet to research charities online. We recommend your organization keeps its web site updated with the latest information about its mission, programs, impact, financials, staffing, and board.

A powerful way to get your story in front of all donors is to make sure your information is current with commonly used nonprofit research sites, such as:

1 Donor survey, 2012

2 Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 1995 and May 2012 issues.

DAF Direct logo

The DAF Direct Widget – A tool that enables your donors to recommend grants from their donor-advised fund directly on your website.

Learn more about the widget.

Keep your information current

Make sure your data is up-to-date in:

  • IRS Publication 78 – Used by Fidelity Charitable to verify a nonprofit's IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) public charity status.
  • GuideStar® – a tool that helps donors research nonprofit organizations by providing information like charitable missions and financial data.
  • Donor – An individual, private foundation, or business entity that has made an irrevocable contribution to Fidelity Charitable.
  • Account Holder – An individual or business entity with advisory privileges over a donor-advised fund, or "Giving Account," at Fidelity Charitable.
  • Recommend a Grant – Donors cannot make a grant, but they can recommend a grant. Fidelity Charitable will perform due diligence, ensure that the grant adheres to our policies, and then make the grant based on the donor's recommendations.
  • More Than Incidental Benefit – Fidelity Charitable cannot approve grant recommendations that would provide the donor, someone related to the donor, or other third party with "more than incidental benefits," such as receipt of goods or services or entrance to a fundraising event.