Choose the right nonprofits

Most of us will achieve our charitable mission by supporting a nonprofit organization working on the problem or issue that we care about. But with more than 1.8 million nonprofits operating in the United States, how do you choose? The information here provides you with tools to evaluate a nonprofit.

How can donors best make an impact on the organizations they care about?

Find out what one donor learned from touring a nonprofit.

Low overhead does not mean that a charity is more effective

One of the most common measures of nonprofit effectiveness is nearly meaningless, says Lowell Weiss, president of Cascade Philanthropy Advisors. See what he suggests instead.

Research Charities

There are resources that can help you feel confident in your giving decisions. Here are a few to get you started.


Easily compare charities and gain access to their financial information.

Charity Navigator

Thousands of charities are rated on a numbers-based system by a team of analysts.


The website of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance produces reports about national charities.

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