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Charitable support for future generations

Whether your goal is to pass your values to the next generation or continue support of charities beyond your lifetime, Fidelity Charitable can help you carry on a charitable legacy.

Successor Options

The simplest way to ensure a charitable legacy is by establishing a Giving Account successor. Account Holders can choose:

  • An individual, who would assume all Giving Account privileges after the death of the last Account Holder,
  • Charitable organization(s), that would receive a grant for the remaining balance of the Giving Account,
  • A combination of these options.

Endowed Giving Program

Donors interested in legacy planning may also consider the Endowed Giving Program. Enrolling in this program establishes a standing recommendation to make regular grants to a pre-specified charity after the death of the last Account Holder. Private Donor Group members may also consider leaving a charitable legacy by incorporating Fidelity Charitable in an estate plan, in combination with other legacy planning options.

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