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Smart charitable tax strategies

Align your charitable giving with smart tax strategies and the result might include an unexpected double win: improving the world, with a potential tax break to boot.

Save more by giving more

A little additional planning can help you make better financial decisions
regarding when, how and which asset to give to charity.

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Additional tax insights

Tax planning strategies: 9 ways to reduce your taxable income by giving to charity

If you're writing checks to your favorite charities, if you've had an especially high earning year, if you've recently sold a business or you're a pre-retiree, there may be tax advantages you haven’t taken full advantage of.

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7 charitable tax deduction questions answered

A basic guide to the tax implications (and advantages) of donating to charity.

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Tax reform and charitable giving

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a widely anticipated overhaul to the tax code, was signed into law in December 2017. While the charitable tax deduction remains intact, other changes may influence when and how much Americans give to charity. People, of course, will continue to be motivated by the desire to make a positive impact on causes that they are passionate about. However, the tax reform law makes it more important than ever to make savvy financial decisions about charitable giving.

Summary of tax legislation related to charitable giving

5 trends and strategies to watch for charitable giving

Tax reform and its impact on donor-advised funds

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QUIZ: Is a donor-advised fund right for you?

Just answer a few questions, like how long you hope to contribute, the amounts, and your risk tolerance.

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