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Giving strategies

What's the best way to give back? The following giving strategies bring together valuable content from thought leaders at Fidelity Charitable and across the charitable landscape. Their insights can help you decide where to give for the greatest impact, and to reach your charitable goals.

Overcoming Barriers To Giving

Explore why donors aren’t giving as much as they’d like—and what might influence them to give more.

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Do you want to give more?

Here are a few simple ideas to help you get started.

The future of philanthropy

See how donor giving has evolved and where it’s likely to go due to changing perceptions and generational shifts.

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Access to education

How are donors using their giving to address key problems for the future? This couple has sent 700 kids to preschool.

Geography of giving

Learn how giving differs by region, and download profiles of some of our top metro areas.

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Ranking top cities for giving

These top 10 lists for each charitable sector reveal how giving priorities vary across the United States.

Women and giving

Explore how different generations of women approach giving, how they differ from men, and discover tips for better giving.

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Report: Women and Giving

The impact of generation and gender on philanthropy.

Save more by giving more: Charitable tax strategies

Align your charitable giving with smart tax strategies, and the result might include an unexpected double win: improving the world, with a potential tax break to boot.

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9 ways to reduce your taxable income by giving to charity

There may be tax advantages you haven’t taken full advantage of.

Family philanthropy

Involving family in philanthropy can bring generations together. What's your family’s mission?

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The Power of Family Giving

No matter how old your children are, integrating philanthropy into your family life can be an excellent way to pass on healthy attitudes about money and helping others.

Disaster relief

From immediate needs to disaster preparedness, there are four phases of disaster relief where you can make a difference.

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The Four Phases of Disaster Relief

The opportunity to make a difference does not end when media coverage dies down.

Ways to give

Understand the benefits of each charitable giving option, from donor-advised funds to private foundations.

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Selecting a Giving Vehicle

Explore charitable giving options that can help you give during your lifetime or provide estate-planning benefits.

Grant making

Learn about trends and innovations in giving, and explore in-depth research by charity sector.

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Report: Giving and Planning

How do age, life stage, and gender impact donors' approaches to planning their giving?

Boost your Giving IQ

Recent research tells us that generosity is hardwired in our brains. But we aren't born knowing how to have the greatest impact with our giving. Learn how to give smarter in 4 simple steps.
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Expert Tip

“Asking the right questions about what an organization really needs can be transformational for both the organization and donor.”

-Al Mueller, President of Excellence in Giving


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