Association of Small Foundations Webinar
Focus Your Giving: A Key to Impact

View a recording of the webinar held February 22, 2012

Fidelity Charitable and the Association of Small Foundations1 (ASF) teamed up to produce this webinar, geared to help donors make important giving decisions.

The webinar provided educational content for charitably-minded individuals, regardless of what charitable vehicle they use.

Wherever you are on the road toward impact — just starting to question the effects of your giving or ready to refine your strategies for even greater results — taking time to focus your giving can help you clarify what you want to achieve, use your resources wisely, measure progress, learn, and move closer to your goals.

On this webinar, you'll be inspired and educated as we hear from donors and other experts about how focusing your giving will help you achieve even more impact and satisfaction.

If you are having difficulty viewing the recording you may need to download the GoToMeeting codec.

1 The Association of Small Foundations (ASF) is a membership organization for donors, trustees, employees and consultants of foundations that have few or no staff.


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