What are the trends in granting?

Most contributions are granted out to charities within 10 years.

Contribution Percentages

Percentage of Contributions Granted Out to Charities, 1991-2014

Overall, Fidelity Charitable has distributed more than $19 billion to charities, 63% of all contributions received since inception.

Overall Contributions

Contributions Distributed to Charities Since Inception

Dollars granted to charity have tripled over 10 years.

Grant Totals

Total Grant Dollars and Volume By Year

While average grant size has remained consistent over time, the number of grants per Giving Account has steadily grown.

Average Grant

Average Grant Size4

  • 4 Grant amount minimums were reduced in 2006 and 2009

Giving Account Grants

Average Number of Grants Per Giving Account

The growth in grants of $1 million or more mirrors the overall growth of grant dollars.

Major Gifts

Number of Grants of more than $1 million

Pre-scheduled grants are on the rise.

Pre-Scheduled Grants

Pre-scheduled Grants By the Thousands, As a Percentage of Total Grants

Donors benefit from the ability to provide steady support to charities by recommending grants in advance.