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2016 Giving Report

Giving Report key findings

Trends and motivations that informed donors' charitable support.

Fidelity Charitable today is the nation’s second-largest grantmaker behind the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, propelled by the collective generosity of the more than 132,000 donors who actively use their Giving Accounts to support the charitable causes closest to their hearts. Last year, our donors recommended $3.1 billion in grants to support more than 106,000 organizations in every state and around the globe.

As more people adopt donor-advised funds as an efficient, tax-effective and accessible means of supporting their philanthropy, their impact on the charitable sector grows as well. This report is designed to provide insight into donors’ behavior and motivations, so that their impact can be better understood.

A sustained and robust growth in grant making

  • The average number of grants per Giving Account each year has nearly doubled in the past 10 years to 9.2 grants per Giving Account.
  • Grants of $1 million or more increased 27 percent over the previous year.
  • Fidelity Charitable donors provide more charitable support to more organizations, compared with affluent donors nationwide.

Fidelity Charitable 2016 giving report chart comparing donations over last 12 months

Growing use of non-cash assets as a means of funding philanthropy

  • Two-thirds of contribution dollars were non-cash assets such as stocks and real estate, an 18 percent increase from the previous year.
  • Fidelity Charitable donors are three times more likely to give using appreciated assets than affluent donors nationally.

Fidelity Charitable 2016 giving report infographic comparing donation of appreciated securities

Trends that shaped giving

  • News-driven giving, such as responses to disasters, and group giving activities were among the factors that drove donors’ grant recommendations last year.

A focus on the future and family

  • Nearly a quarter of grant recommendations are now scheduled in advance, meaning donors are planning ahead for their giving.
  • Retired Fidelity Charitable donors are better able to sustain a robust level of giving compared to retired affluent donors. Fidelity Charitable retirees are also more confident in their ability to continue giving at the same levels in retirement.
  • Compared with donors nationally, Fidelity Charitable donors are significantly more likely to involve other members of their households in giving decisions.

Fidelity Charitable 2016 giving report infographic showing donors planning ahead for giving
How are donors using their Giving Accounts?

These six profiles show how donors organize their giving, engage with family, give more and support charities near and far.

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