Charitable Legacy Pool

The Charitable Legacy Pool is designed to help donors who want to consistently support charities using the appreciation of the investment pool while preserving its principal. A minimum initial balance of $50,000 is required.

Strategy & Objective

Asset Allocation*

Charitable Legacy Pool asset allocation in pie chart
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Real Assets
  • Absolute Return

Strategy: The Charitable Legacy Pool employs a diversified investment strategy that goes beyond traditional stock, bond, and short-term investment allocation. The Pool invests in non-traditional asset classes such as commodities, real estate, natural resources and absolute return strategies to help achieve its long-term objectives.

Objective: The Charitable Legacy Pool seeks to provide an "all-weather" asset allocation matched to a donor's long-term horizon for grants. The Pool seeks to provide inflation-adjusted returns while preserving capital through various market cycles.

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* Asset Allocation: A means of apportioning and diversifying investment dollars among various asset classes (i.e., equity, fixed income, real assets, absolute return). This allocation is meant to provide a long-term representation of the level of portfolio risk. It is not a representation of targeted securities nor should it set an expectation that the portfolio will strictly align with the asset class thresholds displayed. These thresholds are subject to change at any time.