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What types of grants cannot be made?

Fidelity Charitable makes grants exclusively for charitable purposes.

Grants cannot be made that provide "more than incidental benefits" to a donor, other Account Holders, their families, or other third parties.

For example, grants intended to pay all or a portion of the cost of tickets to attend a charitable event will not be made. This includes grants for the charitable, or tax deductible, portion of the ticket price. The full ticket price (the tax deductible and the non-tax deductible portions) must be paid out of pocket and separate from any Fidelity Charitable grants.

Other examples of benefits that may be considered more than incidental include:

Other grants will not be made where:

While every effort will be made to approve recommended grants, please be advised that our Trustees have the right to decline any grant request.

Please refer to the Fidelity Charitable Policy Guidelines(PDF) for more detailed information.