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What can I contribute?

Donate cash, stocks and more

Unlike many smaller charities, Fidelity Charitable accepts a wide range of financial assets, from cash and checks to stocks, bonds and even non-publicly traded assets like real estate. Get more details on all the assets you can donate or specifics on the most popular choices here:

  • Appreciated securities
  • Real estate
  • Interest in a company
  • Get started

    Our quick guides give you key details for making the most of your Giving Account

    1. Giving Account 101

    2. How to make a contribution

    3. How to recommend a grant

    4. How to manage your profile

    Naming successors

    Who will continue your legacy of giving? As an Account Holder, you can name one or more successors to carry on the legacy of your Giving Account after your lifetime. Successors may be individuals, charities or a combination of both. Learn more or log in to add successors now.

    Read about Successors

    Engage your family

    Giving can bring a family together in new ways, from teaching the youngest generation about the importance of giving back to strengthening family relationships across generations and geographies. Share your passion for charitable giving with a Gift4Giving eGift. It lets your friends and family support a charity or charities of their choice using your Giving Account. Send a Gift4Giving now!

    Send a Gift4Giving

    Boost your Giving IQ

    In 4 easy steps, we’ll help you make your charitable giving more satisfying, focused and effective.

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    Ways to make a bigger impact

    Is your giving making a difference? From poverty to disaster relief, these specific giving opportunities include organizations working effectively in that space, and suggestions of ways to support the charitable causes.

    Download the High Impact Giving Guide

    Find & support non-profit organizations

    We work with over 200,000 donors like you to support more than 278,000 charities and make more of a difference every day. Find non-profit organizations associated with the causes you care most about and research new opportunities.

    Find non-profit organizations

    Giving on the go with your mobile device

    Our mobile capability makes sure you’re always connected to the causes you care about. From our iOS app to our mobile platform available on any mobile phone or tablet, you’re even able to recommend grants to charities on the go. That’s part of our approach to simple, more effective giving.

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    Make a contribution to Fidelity Charitable and start supporting your favorite charities right away.

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