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How smarter giving leads to greater impact

Getting girls to college—and beyond

Fidelity Charitable donor Charmaine Clay is creating a chain reaction of women empowering other women to succeed.  It's a legacy of mentorship she learned from her grandmother. 

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A donor-advised fund: the secret to maximizing your giving story

A donor-advised fund is a dedicated charitable investment account that donors use to manage their charitable giving.  It can help donors maximize their tax benefits, contribute a wide array of assets and plan their charitable support, growing impact to new levels. Charitable giving changes lives, and when you give with a donor-advised fund—ours is called the Giving Account—there’s more to the story.

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More home for foster teens 

A late-night phone call gave Fidelity Charitable donors Peter and Kendra Amico a choice: Would they open their home to a teen in foster care? Their decision changed their family—and their giving—forever.

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These donors multiplied their impact by using a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account to change lives.