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An airman's daughter 

Fidelity Charitable donors Jim and Gini Mulligan share a unique connection: their fathers were prisoners of war together in Vietnam. Now, the Mulligans help the children of fallen warriors go to college debt-free by recommending grants to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. For Alison Loftis, daughter of Air Force Lt. Col. J.D. Loftis, the support is "a huge blessing.”

Gini and Jim Muligan's

Gini and Jim Mulligan

Wilmington, NC

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

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Guide dogs and giving

Fidelity Charitable donor Kathy Wentworth followed her love of dogs to find a philanthropic focus: helping Guide Dogs for the Blind provide canine copilots to people who are losing their sight. 

A donor-advised fund: the secret to maximizing your giving story

A donor-advised fund is a dedicated charitable investment account that donors use to manage their charitable giving.  It can help donors maximize their tax benefits, contribute a wide array of assets and plan their charitable support, growing impact to new levels. Charitable giving changes lives, and when you give with a donor-advised fund—ours is called the Giving Account—there’s more to the story.

More homes for foster teens

A late-night phone call gave Fidelity Charitable donors Peter and Kendra Amico a choice: Would they open their home to a teen in foster care? Their decision changed their family—and their giving—forever.

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There’s more to the story

These donors multiplied their impact by using a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account to change lives.