Contribute Complex Assets

While many advisors have helped clients facilitate charitable contributions of cash or publicly-traded securities, contributing complex assets to a charity with a donor-advised fund can be a smart strategy for your clients.

Complex assets — such as private company, restricted stock, limited partnership interests and other seemingly illiquid assets — are generally more tax efficient than cash and can help your clients effectively fund their charitable giving.

Let us help you explore the key considerations and opportunities of this tax-efficient, but under-utilized client approach to charitable giving.

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Who benefits when complex assets are contributed to Fidelity Charitable?

The Advisor The Donor The Charity
  • Access to our in-house technical expertise
  • Efficient in-house consultation and diligence on IRS rules and regulations at no additional cost
  • Leverage our experience to facilitate legal transfer and sale with stakeholders integral to the transaction
  • Potential to minimize capital gains tax on sale of asset
  • Generally entitled to fair market value tax deduction
  • Ability to provide immediate and ongoing support to multiple charities with one transaction
  • May potentially receive bigger contribution from donor
  • Avoids costly overhead and work involved with diligence and oversight requirements
  • Stays focused on what it does best — fulfilling its core charitable mission
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Turning Capital Gains into Charitable Gains

A two minute video on turning capital gains into charitable gains.