Now Online: Appreciated Securities Tool, Grants Sent via Electronic Funds Transfer, and Grants from Advisor Managed Charitable Balances

We’ve enhanced the Giving Account by adding online features to help Fidelity Charitable donors achieve their charitable giving goals.

Appreciated Securities Tool Re-Launched for Fidelity Brokerage Customers

This interactive tool helps Fidelity brokerage customers easily identify potential long-term appreciated securities they could use for their charitable giving.

Donating Long-Term Appreciated Securities Can Be a Tax-Smart Way to Give

When you donate long-term appreciated securities from a taxable (non-retirement) brokerage account, you may also eliminate the paying of capital gains tax you would incur by selling the assets and then donating the proceeds. This makes contributing long-term appreciated securities one of the smartest ways you can support your charitable causes.

How It Works for Fidelity Brokerage Accounts

The tool looks through your selected Fidelity brokerage accounts and retrieves cost basis information for long-term securities (held more than a year) that have appreciated in value over their cost bases.

The results calculated display long-term appreciated securities broken out into tax lots and listed by the percentage of appreciation, from highest to lowest. You select which of those securities will make up a charitable contribution.

Electronic Funds Transfer for Grants to Nonprofits

Now, charitable organizations can sign up with Fidelity Charitable to receive grants via Electronic Funds Transfer, eliminating paperwork and getting funds faster.

To sign up a nonprofit you support, have them call or email us for the form:

Grant Recommendations from Advisor-Managed Charitable Balances

If your advisor participates in the Charitable Investment Advisor Program, you can now recommend grants online from those advisor managed balances.

As you go to input the recommended grant amount, you are provided with the information you need to select where you would like the money to come from to fund the grant – the investment pool or Advisor Managed charitable balance.

See the sample screen below:

CIAP screen shot

Fidelity Charitable takes care of the rest, including contacting your advisor to raise the cash needed to make the grant.

Ongoing Enhancements at Fidelity Charitable

Comments and feedback are always welcome as we plan for future enhancements.