Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Crisis

Over four years of unrest in Syria has led to one of the worst refugee crises of our time, with more than half of the Syrian population displaced.1 Those fleeing the violence in Syria are primarily seeking safety in neighboring countries and Europe. A number of international aid organizations are working to ease the suffering of the distressed, provide sustainable programs, and advocate on behalf of the refugees. At the request of many of our donors, we have compiled information on some of the public charities working to address this humanitarian disaster, both to provide both immediate aid and long-term support.

Immediate and Direct Support: Services to Refugees

Fidelity Charitable has confirmed that a number of public charities are providing direct services to the refugees who have fled Syria or are displaced within Syria.

Organization Address Tax ID Number Area of Operations

Mercy Corps

45 S.W. Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97204
91-1148123 Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

International Rescue Committee

122 E 42nd St, 12th Fl
New York, NY 10168
13-5660870 Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey

Oxfam America

226 Causeway St, 5th Fl
Boston, MA 02114
23-7069110 Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

Save The Children

501 Kings Hwy E, Ste 400
Fairfield, CT 06825
06-0726487 Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Serbia, Syria

United States Association for UNHCR

1775 K St NW, Ste 580
Washington, DC 20006
52-1662800 Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey

Ongoing and Future Support: Advocacy and Policy Work

There are also public charities that are working to make systemic changes to lessen or prevent future humanitarian crises that result from governmental and geopolitical unrest, terrorism, and other conflicts.

Fidelity Charitable has confirmed that the following organizations have been advocating on behalf of Syrian refugees and are working towards sustainable models to address escalating crises in the future. The work that these organizations undertake is often conducted over many years.

Organization Address Tax ID Number

Oxfam America

226 Causeway St, 5th Fl
Boston, MA 02114

Refugees International

2001 S Street NW, Ste 700
Washington, DC 20009

U.S. Committee for Refugees

2231 Crystal Dr, Ste 350
Arlington, VA 22202

Women’s Refugee Commission

122 E 42nd St, 11th Fl
New York, NY 10168

Please note that this does not represent a full list of organizations raising money for the humanitarian relief efforts needed as a result of the Syrian unrest. Fidelity Charitable does not endorse these organizations, and provides this list for reference purposes only. All grant recommendations are subject to review and approval by the Fidelity Charitable Trustees. In addition, at this time, Fidelity Charitable will only make grants that are recommended for use in Syria if the proposed grantee has agreed to comply with the Syrian Sanctions Regulations issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Treasury.

Faith-Based Support Considerations

While Fidelity Charitable has not highlighted any specific faith-based relief organizations, they can be an extremely effective way to respond to humanitarian crises. Religious charities are often at the forefront of disaster and humanitarian relief, and may already have a presence in the impacted communities or connections with local partners in the affected countries. For additional information about faith-based giving, contact your particular house of worship or its relief agency to learn more about its role in humanitarian relief before recommending a grant for this purpose.

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1 UNHCR, Accessed September 15, 2015