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Anna Spangler Nelson, Chair

Anna Spangler Nelson
Board of Trustees
Fidelity Charitable

Amy N. Danforth, President

Amy N. Danforth
Fidelity Charitable

2015 Annual Report (PDF)

A Letter from the Chair and the President

Dear Fellow Donor:

Thank you for your continued generosity and commitment to giving. Last year, $2.8 billion in donor-recommended grants supported more than 102,000 organizations—making an impact in every state and across the globe. Not only have we seen the total annual amount granted triple in the past decade, there has also been an increase in the number of grants of $1 million or more. This makes Fidelity Charitable® the second-largest grant making organization in the United States, after only the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.1

Both the Ebola epidemic and the Nepal earthquake struck a deep chord with our donors; more than 6,800 donor-recommended grants generated support of $13 million combined, providing assistance to those affected. Fidelity Charitable® is committed to helping you reach your philanthropic goals; providing guidance for disaster relief is one example of this commitment.

We hope you have been able to look over our newly enhanced website. Enhancements were designed with donors like Lynda Fox in mind. Lynda, a prolific philanthropist and active volunteer, supports more than 40 charities a year. Furthermore, when disaster struck in Nepal, Lynda was able to go immediately into her Giving Account® and select from among vetted and trusted charities to provide aid to those affected by the disaster.

In response to donor interest, Fidelity Charitable launched five new investment pools, including the Impact Investing Pool for those interested in a socially responsible approach to investing. We also announced that bitcoin could be used to make a contribution to Fidelity Charitable, marking another innovation in our history.

Speaking of history, as we enter 2016, we are excited to celebrate 25 years of making giving simple, effective, and accessible. We're excited about the ways our donors are having an impact in their communities and across the globe and are committed to assisting them through continued innovation and ongoing support.

Best regards,
Anna Spangler Nelson and Amy N. Danforth

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1 The Foundation Center, "Top 100 U.S. Foundations by Total Giving," accessed May 2015. The Foundation Center list includes private, corporate, and community foundations. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation granted $3.3 billion in FY 2013. Public charities that sponsor national donor-advised fund programs are not included in this ranking.