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Scott Bergeson, Chair

Scott Bergeson
Board of Trustees
Fidelity Charitable

Sarah Libbey, President

Sarah Libbey
Fidelity Charitable

2013 Annual Report (PDF)

A Letter from the Chair and the President

Dear Fellow Donor:

Thanks to the passion and commitment of you and your fellow donors the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2013, was the most successful in the Fidelity Charitable organization’s history. We significantly surpassed previous records for both charitable contributions to Fidelity Charitable and grants recommended by donors to their chosen charitable organizations.

Your generosity resulted in more than 463,000 grants, totaling over $1.8 billion. These grants were recommended to nearly 81,000 charitable organizations, representing virtually every nonprofit sector. Additionally, this fiscal year was the fourth consecutive year that we exceeded the $1 billion mark in recommended grants, bringing the total granted to nearly $15 billion since our inception in 1991. Contributions also achieved record levels, ending at over $3.6 billion, an increase of 12 percent from the previous fiscal year.

A number of factors are helping to drive this growth. First, there is a growing awareness and use of donor-advised funds among philanthropically-minded households. Increasingly, Fidelity Charitable has become a significant voice in building this awareness. In June, we published The Fidelity Charitable Giving Report, which provided the general public a first-time look at the scope and scale of our donors’ generosity. The report received significant positive feedback, driving awareness both in the media and the nonprofit sector.  

We also launched new online applications designed to make granting as easy, accessible and convenient as possible for our donors. In late 2012, we unveiled an iPhone® App that allows donors to access their Giving Account from their mobile phone and recommend a grant. Our donors have readily adopted this technology, with the app exceeding all usage expectations to date.

More recently, in collaboration with numerous nonprofit organizations and other DAF sponsors, we launched the DAF DirectSM widget, an online application that allows donors with donor-advised funds to initiate grant recommendations directly from a nonprofit’s website. The widget is currently in use on the websites of more than 220 nonprofits, including: the American Red Cross, Charity Navigator, Feeding America, Cradles to Crayons and Save the Children.

These exciting innovations have both furthered our mission and raised our media profile, helping to drive broader awareness about donor-advised funds. While we are proud of the achievements in fiscal year 2013, our results are ultimately a testament to you, our donors. We thank you for your continued generosity, and for choosing Fidelity Charitable to help facilitate your philanthropy. You and your fellow donors make a real, and growing, difference in the American charitable landscape.

Best regards,
Scott Bergeson and Sarah Libbey