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Scott Bergeson, Chair

Scott Bergeson
Board of Trustees
Fidelity Charitable

Sarah Libbey, President

Sarah Libbey
Fidelity Charitable

2012 Annual Report (PDF)

A Letter from the Chairman and the President

Dear Fellow Donor:

We are pleased to report exceptionally strong results for Fidelity Charitable in fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. Thanks to you and your fellow donors, we set a Fidelity Charitable record during this period with close to $1.3 billion given to almost 70,000 charitable organizations, representing virtually every nonprofit sector. This brings the total granted since our inception in 1991 to more than $13 billion. Contributions for the year totaled $3.3 billion, with over 62,000 contributions received.

As we reflect on this activity, three factors stand out. First, there is a growing awareness and use of donor-advised funds among philanthropically-minded households. A growing trend of donors choosing donor-advised funds in place of or as a complement to private foundations has driven an increasing number of large contributions.

At the same time, our complex assets team has been working actively to build understanding among advisors and donors on how to monetize assets they may not have previously thought to use for charitable purposes. Their work resulted in $123 million of complex asset contributions which are now available for grant recommendations. This program also removes the administrative burden many smaller nonprofits may face if they accept contributions of complex assets, allowing them to focus on their charitable mission.

Finally, as we continue our efforts to make philanthropy as simple and effective as possible, we have introduced a number of enhancements to our programs and offerings. Recognizing the expanding role advisors play in developing philanthropic strategies, we established a dedicated service team for advisors, and we continue to provide educational seminars to advisors across the country. Our support for donors is focused on grantmaking and includes educational seminars, access to nonprofit research, and online options such as grant designations, establishing recurring grants and state-of-the-art grant history functionality.

We are very fortunate to have a base of active and generous donors, and truly appreciate the opportunity to support you in your philanthropic efforts. We know you are deeply committed to the causes you support — and we remain committed to delivering the innovations that will help you make more of a difference through your charitable giving.

Best regards,
Scott Bergeson and Sarah Libbey