The Pooled Income Fund

How It Works

The Pooled Income Fund is a type of charitable giving program that combines the tax advantages of charitable giving with the benefits of a lifetime income stream for up to two beneficiaries, which can include the donors.


Make an initial contribution of securities or cash to the Pooled Income Fund and have the potential to take an immediate partial tax deduction.

Diagram of the giving process for the Pooled Income Fund


Up to two income beneficiaries receive lifetime income generated by the Pooled Income Fund's investments, in quarterly payments.

Diagram of how beneficiaries receive income in the Pooled Income Fund


The remaining value of the account is distributed to up to ten recommended charities upon the death of the last income beneficiary. Donor-advised funds, like the Giving Account, are eligible.

Diagram of the process of granting to charities for the Pooled Income Fund