How It Works

Looking for a great gift that gets others involved in charitable giving?

A Gift4Giving® from Fidelity Charitable is a special eGift that lets the recipient "spend" it by recommending grants to a charity — or charities — of their choice.

The Gift4Giving eGift is funded from the donor’s Giving Account and is a perfect way to get others involved in charitable giving — during the holiday season and on special occasions throughout the year. Donors can send Gift4Giving eGifts to anyone they would like via email.

  • As a Fidelity Charitable donor, you can send a Gift4Giving directly from your Giving Account. Learn more
  • As a Gift4Giving recipient, you have an immediate opportunity to support your favorite charities. Learn more

Donor logs in to send a Gift4Giving from their Giving Account

Recipient accesses the Gift4Giving through the email and goes online to support their favorite charities

chart showing Gift4Giving process from Donor to Recipient to Charities