The Giving Account

Supporting Charities

Make grant recommendations easily

Once a Giving Account is set up and funded, you can recommend grants online, on the phone, by fax or by mail to any IRS-qualified public charity. The minimum grant recommendation amount is $50.

  • All Account Holders, or any other individual you've appropriately authorized, can make grant recommendations.
  • Recommendations are generally processed within 10 business days, and those made online to charities you've already recommended grants to are generally processed immediately.
  • There are no restrictions on the maximum number of grants that can be recommended in any given time period, and the minimum requirement is at least one grant every seven years.

Customize grants

Recognize. Your grant recommendation can be "acknowledged" to you, another person, or to the name you gave to the Giving Account, such as The Smith Family Fund. You can even recommend that the grant be made anonymously, if you prefer.

Designate. You can recommend that the grant be used for a "special purpose," such as in memory or in honor of someone, or toward a specific use at the charity, such as a building campaign.

Schedule. Your grant recommendation can be set up as an ongoing remittance or "scheduled grant." You can choose from the following frequencies: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.

Repeat. Once you've recommended a grant to a specific charity, you can easily recommend a "re-grant" to that charity anytime online, with one easy click.

Grants to support foreign charities

There are several ways to support foreign causes with Fidelity Charitable. You can find a U.S. charity that performs work overseas, like a U.S. based international relief organization or a religious organization doing work in foreign countries.

Or you can find a U.S. "friends of" organization that supports — financially, operationally, or otherwise — a specific non-U.S. charity, like a foreign university, museum, or other cause.

Or, if the charity does not have an established means to receive donations from U.S. donors, you can recommend a grant to a U.S. intermediary charity whose mission it is to research foreign charities and facilitate grants to them.

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Certain types of grants cannot be made

Although the vast majority of grants recommended by donors are honored by Fidelity Charitable, you should note that certain types are restricted.

Learn What Types of Grants Cannot Be Made >

Relax while we handle the rest

We take care of all the administrative tasks for you.

  • Fidelity Charitable verifies the IRS public charity status before sending your grant.
  • Based on your specific recommendations, a cover letter is sent to each charity specifying the special purpose of the grant.
  • All grant confirmations and letters are available for viewing online, for easy access when you need them.
  • A quarterly summary of all grant and contribution activities is sent to you.

Speak with a representative:1-800-262-6039

Set Up a Giving Account

Online Features
  • Make recommendations in a few easy steps
  • Receive confirmations, including a copy of the letter sent to the charity
  • Set up recurring grants
  • Repeat previous recommendations without retyping
Research Charities Online

GuideStar® is a tool that helps you search a database of more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations.