New Fidelity Charitable iPhone® App Lets Donors Give on the Go

Streamlined Grant Summary
Streamlined Grant Preview

Donors can now recommend grants, check pool balances, and view the status of grant recommendations and contributions, wherever they are.

Streamlined Grant Recommendations

All options for grants — designations, for example — appear on one screen where the donor inputs the grant amount and, if there are no changes to the other information, they quickly preview the information and then submit — a process that takes about 10 seconds.

It's also easy to customize the grant — select the row with the information that needs to change and donors can tailor the grant to their specifications, as they can do today online.

Recommend Grants on the Go

When donors recommend grants on the go, they can display the "Thank you" confirmation message to representatives of the charity, to show them that they have taken an action. This way donors don't need to tell the charity they will go home to recommend the grant later, and don't need to remember to do so either.

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Ongoing Enhancements at Fidelity Charitable

Comments and feedback are always welcome as we plan for future enhancements.