Enhanced Search Helps Donors Select Nonprofits to Support

After asking for more intuitive search functionality, Fidelity Charitable donors can now search quickly and effectively for their favorite charities, and then easily select and recommend grants to them.

The new search provides donors with three ways to find an organization:

  • Through a single search input field
  • Using "refine" capabilities to narrow a search
  • By browsing charitable sectors and geographic locations to find a charity

Using the Search Input Field

Donors type in an organization's name or keywords in name, city, and/or Tax Identification Number and select the Go button. The results show organizations that fit the criteria and display them in order of relevancy based on the information in our system.

If there are multiple addresses for the same organization, selecting the More link displays all of them for donors to choose from.

Refining a Search

In the REFINE BY section, select charitable sectors, sub-sectors, state, and city to narrow the number of search results. It's easy to remove these options and apply new ones as needed to find the right organization.

Browsing the Nonprofits in the System

Donors can start with the REFINE BY section instead of the input field, selecting charitable sector and/or state to begin to generate results. They can then select a city and/or sub-sector (if available) to further refine and browse the number of organizations displayed.

Recommend a Grant and Research an Organization

Select the RECOMMEND button to continue with the grant recommendation to the organization and address displayed.

Select RESEARCH to view the organization's information in GuideStar's database, including its mission and financial data, if available.

Ongoing Enhancements at Fidelity Charitable

These changes were made to help donors more efficiently support the causes they care about.

Comments and feedback are always welcome as we plan for future enhancements.